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Sue Berg Lim



Our Mission:

OEWRS is dedicated to providing an environment for learning whaleboat rowing and participating in various races and other rowing events. Important aspects of this include:

  • Welcoming novice rowers to our teams,
  • Local outreach to youths interested in rowing,
  • Raising awareness of local maritime history among the general public,
  • Maintaining an historic wooden whaleboat,
  • Providing teaching opportunities to interested people of all ages and genders,
  • Devoted to improving and developing the rowing and racing performance and capabilities of our members,
  • Through our membership in BAWRA, the Bay Area Whaleboat Rowing Association, fostering a growth in Whaleboat Rowing.

OEWRS is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law..

Racing Schedule for 2017
3/05 Warrnambool, Australia Whale Boat Rowing Championship
4/08 SOMIRA Skipper Whipper, Napa River, California
4/22 Coast Guard Challenge, Alameda, California
4/29 Row'd Warriors Spring Sprints, Oakland Estuary, Alameda, California
5/13 Oakland Cup, Oakland Estuary, Oakland, California
6/3 Alcatraz Whaleboat Race, San Francsico, California
6/10 Bridge 2 Bridge, San Francisco, California
7/6-7 New Bedford folk Festival, New Bedford,Connecticut
9/16 ERC Sprints, San Francisco, California

9/23 Sprint the Pier Port Promenade

10/7-8 Vallejo Waterfront Weekend

10/14 Beer and Brauts, San Francisco, California
10/21 Ketos San Leandro Bay Muck, Alameda, California
10/28 Head of the Estuary, Oakland Estuary, Oakland, California

11/4-6 Muiden-Pampus-Muiden Race, Muiden, Netherlands

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